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Fast Loading AMP
Mobile Websites

Fast Loading AMP
Mobile Websites

AMP Mobile  - Created & supported by Google
New - Mobile websites shown first in Google
New - Google ranking algorithm for Mobile
eCommerce abandoned cart rates are 65-80%

Are You Looking For Experienced AMP Developers ?

If you are wondering what the meaning of AMP is, it stands for accelerated mobile pages.

AMP is a mobile website web format developed by Google that allows businesses to create content that is visually engaging and mobile friendly.

The Integrate Your Marketing AMP development team has been developing powerful, fast loading mobile websites that deliver sales & leads, since October 2017.

Checkout the benefits of using AMP for your mobile website:

  • Your pages load up to 10 times faster 
  • Increase in website visitors from an improved user experience
  • Improved SEO results as loading time is an official Google ranking factor
  • Decrease in bounce rates as visitors stay on the website pages longer
  • Your pages will be light and fast

Google core web vitals is a new official SEO ranking algorithm in place now, that tests your website users mobile page experience.


Official Google FAQ

Q: If I built AMP pages, do they meet the recommended Core Web Vitals thresholds?

A: There is a high likelihood that AMP pages will meet the thresholds. 

AMP is about delivering high quality, user-first experiences; its initial design goals are closely aligned with what Core Web Vitals measure today. 

This means that sites built using AMP likely can easily meet Web Vitals thresholds. 


Looking for AMP website development & design, including access to AMP Woo Commerce Pro`s, to grow your sales / leads?

Contact us today.


We have presented for the major organisations shown above

 (Excluding Google) about how to grow eCommerce sales & website leads.


See How Fast AMP Mobile Pages Load


The AMP mobile website page loads almost instantly & 17 seconds faster than the non AMP mobile page!

* Official Google research shows a typical mobile website takes 15.3 seconds to load. 

*Google Research,, sampled 11M global mWeb domains loaded using a globally representative 4G connection, Jan. 2018.

Get the power of AMP to build blazing fast mobile landing pages to boost Google Ads conversions.

Does Your Mobile Website Load In 1 Second?

AMP Is Blazing Fast

Mobile browsing is about speed.Google has wanted faster loading mobile pages to improve their search results experience.

Mobile eCommerce Sales

We are excited to reveal to you an amazing mobile websites system that can rapidly achieve leads & sales.Introducing AMP for mobile!

Created By Google

The AMP project, which was originally announced in October 2015 was designed to improve the browsing experience of news on mobile websites.

New Mobile Page Experience

In June 2021 Google launched a new ranking algorithm that tests the mobile website page experience.

Does your website pass the test?

Supported By Google

Google’s AMP team is excited to share the new AMP mobile page experience.

It’s a new way of presenting AMP. 

The Present & Future Of Mobile Websites

Core Web Vitals

How fast a website loads is already a known official Google SEO ranking factor.

Google has from June 2021 made the mobile user page experience an official SEO ranking signal, of which AMP is full expected to automatically pass all the ‘tests’.

"If you have AMP, the good news is that the majority of AMP pages do extremely well in terms of page experience metrics", Google`s Rudy Galfi (Product lead on the Google Search ecosystem team) * Source Search Engine Land

Are you tired of your mobile website taking too long to load?

Our AMP technology will make your website load faster and rank higher in search engine results, maintaining your websites normal functionality.

You can boost your ROI by getting more visitors to stay on your site longer.

With our AMP for mobile creation service, you can be sure there is every chance for your web page experience to improve, growing your sales & leads.

Contact us now, to apply for a free consultation with one of our AMP experts to get started!

* Source Google 

Loading Time and Core Web Vitals Example

Please see below the results of the loading time (Google ranking factor) assessment.

You will see the green sections of the web vitals (Another Google ranking factor), which are all 100% optimised, for our Integrate Your Marketing AMP mobile home page.

You will also see the first content paint (The first main piece of content that loads when the user visits the web page) is just over 1 second, which is incredibly fast.

Its not only about the loading times for Google ranking, as important, if not more important, is the improvements in the web page user experience, which grows your sales & leads.

What are your core web vitals results for your mobile website?

Contact us today  for a free web assessment.

Our Experienced AMP Development Team - Just Under 4 years 

AMP is far from easy to code and replicate all the normal expected website functionality.

The Integrate Your Marketing AMP development team have been creating AMP custom websites since October 2017, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

AMP can create technical challenges however in virtually all functionality requirements the Integrate Your Marketing AMP development team have overcome the obstacles.

The team has worked hard to deliver solutions that create the best user experience, as well as lightening fast loading times.

The AMP web development service especially applies to you as an existing AMP user, you have previously accepted limited functionality or are a new user.

Contact us today  to discover the power to crush your competition and boost your eCommerce sales & leads.


Benefits of AMP Mobile Websites

The benefits of an AMP website include that it loads incredibly fast and looks great.

A mobile website should load in less than 2.5 seconds as part of the new Google ranking experience algorithm.

AMP gives you dramatic page speed increases that will help you keep users who visit your site, from clicking away.

There’s a strong relationship between site speed and conversion rates.

If users are happy on a fast loading site, they're more likely to subscribe to a list or purchase a product.



AMP Images & Content

AMP images load faster than PNGs.

While AMP images use the same image format as other image formats, they load quicker than PNGs.

In fact, with AMP images, you get an average 30% page load improvement (compared to 15% for PNGs).

Your existing content can be embedded in the AMP format, allowing Google to crawl it and index it (The 'library' of Google).

Your site will load much faster and your users will have a better experience when using your mobile website.


Fast Mobile eCommerce Websites Explode Your Sales

How fast do you want your e-Commerce site to load?

Our team of experts have developed a solution that will help you load your site in less than 3 seconds!

Our solution can also help you increase your conversion rate and improve your overall user experience.

Imagine your website visitors experience when they see your product pages load lightning fast.

Contact us now  to see how we can help you achieve better results for your business!


Mobile Now Shown First In The Google Search Results

Google now shows mobile websites as the priority in the search results, which means 'first impressions' count even more. 

Imagine advertising your mobile site and not knowing how fast your site actually really loads or how many visitors are bouncing away, based on a poor user experience.

Contact us today  to discover your mobile website speed and how to see your visitors page experience in Google Analytics.

Learn whether your website user page experience is contributing to growing or losing you sales.


Interactive AMP Emails Gets Results

Our Interactive AMP emails are a great way to engage readers, promote your brand and increase sales.

Create a seamless user email experience.

Why Partner With Us?

See What Industry Leaders Say

"What I respect most about Andrew is his sense of integrity to getting the promised result"


David Bullock - Profit Engineer

Ex Senior Social Media Advisor to Barack Obama

"Andrew is super sharp and always on top of the internet. Highly recommended to facilitate your e-business" 


Andy Edmonds

Ex Senior Director of Search for eBay


Increase Google Ads Conversions

Proven Strategies. Sales Driven AMP Solutions

Google AMP ads are designed to load instantaneously on mobile devices.

Google's AMP stories features allow businesses to create content that is very similar to Instagram stories, designed with mobile websites in mind.

AMP mobile will have a positive impact on your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) results as website loading speed is a known Google ranking factor.

Set conversion goals. Measure the ROI of your AMP pages, by installing custom Google Analytics tracking.

How fast does your mobile website load? Contact us and we will create your custom report from your closest location and mobile device.

Create multiple AMP Mobile landing pages for different ad groups, run A/B tests & grow your sales.

Google newest ranking search results algorithm. Does your mobile page give a great user experience, with loading, interactivity and stability?

One of many examples to grow your sales include, upsells in both transactional and marketing emails based on previously viewed products.

AMP Your Business Today & Create The Ultimate User  Experience.

Boost Your Sales.

Fill out the form & we will review your options for taking advantage of the many innovative AMP services.

We will then contact you with a custom quote.

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Free Marketing Training


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